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Let's face it, SCUBA diving isn't cheap, especially if you like to go to the more exotic destinations to do it. If you've ever wanted to check out dives sites at different destinations before committing your hard-earned cash & booking a dive trip, then looking at close-up pictures of nudibranches on a dive web site doesn't really clue you in: what's the terrain like? How many fish are really down there? What's the visibility like? Youtube is great, but do you really want - or have time - to wade through the multitude of long, poorly shot, not-color corrected videos out there to get a good perspective? Welcome to We combines a worldwide library of short, professionally shot/ edited underwater videos with an independent written perspective on dive destinations around the world. On the left, you can select locations by region, read trip reviews &, perhaps most important, do a virtual dive tour to help focus your youtube or other travel sites search or committing your cash.

For some of the videos, you’ll need preferably the latest version of Quicktime or possibly Windows Media Player. Newer videos are links to YouTube or Flash files. The links on the left or below will get you started.

The latest addition to the site is a 2016 trip to Bali, Nusa Penida island specifically, with tons of fish, healthy coral & huge Manta Ray sightings.

Excerpts from WorldScubaTravel's 2010 Fiji shark feeding video have been featured on UK TV Channel 5 documentary, Red Sea Jaws, which explores the reasons behind the tragic 2010 deaths in Egypt. You'll find other shark diving videos throughout this web site showing more about these majestic, poorly understood and sadly threatened species.

In that regard, became a co-organizer of the San Diego-based Shark Protectorate; a non-profit group that seeks to educate the public on the threats facing sharks worldwide from man-made problems, the most immediate being the cruel & senseless slaughter associated with shark-fin soup to appease a recently evoked status symbol in some parts of the Chinese community. Many people don't realize that 95% of the shark is unused & thrown back helpless but still alive into the water. Much as we love Chinese food, we will not eat at any restaurant that serves this soup, either on their regular or "special events" menus & we encourage other SCUBA divers to consider similar action & raise awareness. The State of California, the world's 6th largest economy, successfully passed a bill that bans this practice, reducing end user demand for this wasteful product.

Changing the subject, if you want to learn more about shooting underwater video on a budget, check out the "Got Video?" section on the right. Latest updates include new camera features, lighting, computers, software & how best to combine it all to get great videos that tell your story. I recently added a GoPro Hero 4 Silver to my underwater camera system. As with other sports the GoPro is revolutionizing dive videography; with a red filter & an extension, you can stick it in all sorts of places where a conventional setup can't go. This latest trip has lots of GoPro footage, but I'm not yet ready to ditch my other set up, especially given the double flooding protection of a waterproof camera inside an underwater case. You may want to check out my precautions against flooding under Got Video/ Getting Ready: I added a few more sentences to help you avoid or mitigate such an occurrence & a link to an insurance company that I have used, which is supposed to cover such losses.

If you're a hotel, dive operation or dive-related organization & are interested in swapping links, or if you have any comments or suggestions for improving this site, please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page.

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