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SCUBA trips out to the Great Barrier Reef often start in Cairns; a delightful little town well worth a few days visit in its own right.  Several companies offer day trips and live-aboard boat trips to the reef; I used an outfit called toset it all up. (You can read an article I wrote about the trip on their web site). As it’s about 30 mi/ 50 km off shore, a boat trip out is a minimum of 1.5 hours, so a live-aboard makes a lot of sense if you want to get several dives in without spending too much time sitting on a boat.  The ride out to the reef can be bumpy, so take sea sickness medications at least 2 hrs before setting out if you might need them. At the sites, it’s fine; the reef acts as protection.

The diving, as expected, is great and the reef seemed healthy with lots of life, from sharks, turtles and some locals like the giant Maori Wrasses.  The best time to visit is October/ November; water temperature varies from 75 - 86 F/ 24 - 30C and the visibility is at least 50 ft/ 15m.  The 3 videos of Milln, Flynn and Tracy reefs should show you what “going under down under” is like.  For all these dives, our depths were from 15 - 60 ft (3 - 18 m).

Australia Great Barrier Reef Milln Reef Video (10 MB)

Australia Great Barrier Reef Flynn Reef Video (8 MB)

On our 3 day live-aboard, we spent most of the last day at Tracy reef.  Due to my flight times, I ended up snorkeling while the others dove.  Though it may sound like sacrilege, I’m glad I did: snorkeling gives you a totally different perspective on the reef with hundreds of fish swimming all around me, including a few of the big ones - it actually felt like I was a part of an aquarium.  A great way to end a fun few days before the 3 hour ride back to Cairns!

Australia Great Barrier Reef Tracy Reef (6 MB)

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