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Much has been written about Belize and the diving out there, which is superb - great visibility, warm water, breathtaking views and tons of sea life.  I won’t repeat it here, but you can check out the videos for more.

What’s not usually mentioned is that to get to the more exotic places, you’ll need to be prepared to sit in a skiff - usually covered, but not always and all have wooden seats (use the life preservers as seat cushions - your bum will thank you!) - for a couple of hours or so, to get to Lighthouse Caye or the Blue Hole.  Regardless, it’s definitely worth the trip with great visibility, warm water, breathtaking views and tons of sea life waiting for you.   The islands (cayes) are beautiful, so you'll even have fun on your surface interval!

Belize Dive - LightHouse Caye Reef Video (3.8 MB)

Belize Dive - Reef Video (4 MB)

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dives in the world.  It’s deep - you’ll go down to 130 ft (the water’s dark blue at that depth), but it’s worth it for the limited time you’re allowed down there.  Don't expect to see too much sealife at that depth; you're down there for the topography.  As you descend, you’ll see the opening to a cave, complete with large stalagmites and stalactites.  From a distance (possibly with some nitrogen narcosis influence!), it looks like a giant version of Shrek’s mouth, thanks to the stalactites!  We swam through the stalactites before heading up to the surface to hang out with bull sharks and black tip reef sharks as we did our safety stop.  A great dive!

Belize Dive: The Blue Hole Video (5 MB)

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