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Fiji is definitely one of the premier dive destinations in the world. Its international airport offers direct, easy access from many parts of the world without needing small inter-island aircraft and connections, which suck up valuable vacation - and diving - time. Arriving in Pacific Harbour after a 10.5 hour overnight flight LAX and a 2 hour bus drive along the beautifully scenic south coast, we were at our first dive stop.

Pacific harbor is home to several excellent dives, but the most memorable is Beqa Dive Adventures' excellent shark feeding dive, held on the aptly named Shark Reef. A 3/4 hour boat ride took us out to the reef, for one of the best shark feeding dives in the world. It is well coordinated affair. At each of at 3 different depths: 95 ft, 40 ft and 15 ft, we kneel on the floor trying hard to look like coral heads. Dive masters patrol over our heads and use well-chewed aluminum hooks to fend off any sharks that might be looking at us for a dietary change. A dive master feeds the bull sharks at the deeper depths; grey reef, white-tip sharks at the mid depths and black-tip sharks at the 15ft safety stop. No protective cages here; we're temporary neighbors to these large sharks and numerous other predator fish! These 2 dives were truly memorable - I was on an adrenaline high for the rest of the day. Check out this video.

The "Best Shark Feed in the World" (30 MB)

Nearby is ET Reef, two coral towers separated by a channel, offering excellent topography and tons of fish as well as a swim-through. Though the current was pretty strong as we swam parts of the figure 8 shaped route we took around the pinnacles, this was another great dive.

ET Reef Dive (22 MB)

Next we headed back to the western coast and took a boat out from Nadi (the second largest town on the island) to our resort. For our dives, we headed over to Malolo Island by boat. These reefs were healthy and the water was unbelievably calm with barely a ripple on the surface and correspondingly excellent visibility under it. Check out the 2 very different dives: Denanau Wall and Wilkes Passage in the videos below.

Denarau Wall, Fiji (18 MB)

Wilkes Passage, Fiji (23 MB)

I was impressed with the health of the various reefs that we dove while in Fiji; the dives were professionally run and varied, the accommodations excellent. I highly recommend Fiji as a dive destination.

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