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Grand Turk is pretty much all about Wall diving - either in the shallow area above the wall, along the edge or . The diving is stunning; lots of healthy coral, fish of various sizes and a variety of topography to keep you more than interested, despite the dives being of a similar nature. Basically, you drop down to about 35 ft to coral/ sand, swim along to the wall & drop over the edge down the first 100 ft of the 7000 ft wall as deep as you're comfortable before coming up over the ledge, hanging out in the shallows & then surfacing. The difference is the topography, the sealife & how sharply the wall drops off into the abyss. There's plenty to keep divers interested for days or longer!

We stayed just outside Cockburn Town at the Bohio Dive Resort, a great location with a stunning beach, plenty to do above water & extremely hospitable staff. My buddy & I found the dive package to be of great value as it included breakfast, lunch & 2 dives / day (both before lunch). Most of the dives were roughly 5 min. by boat from the resort & we returned to the beach for surface intervals; another great feature if you're not fond of sitting for an hour on a skiff, even in the calm water. It was good to see healthy coral (at least once you got to the dive sites; the shallow coral was decimated by Hurricane Ike in 2008), lots of assorted reef fish, barracudas, jacks, turtles & active (i.e. not sleeping in the sand) Nurse Sharks, so there was plenty to see.

Check out these videos, which should show you some of the diversity these dive sites have to offer:

Grand Turk was great - certainly more from a diving perspective and even though the rest of the island's life only seemed to emerge when the cruise ships were in port. The island's worth spending a day touring around. The resort offered enough activities (kayaking, sailing, live music) & inactivities to keep even the hyperactive (like me) entertained & you quickly get into the laid back vibe of the place. The people were warm & friendly & the resorts and restaurants were excellent.

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