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While some excellent diving in Kauai is off the remote North Shore, there are some great dives near the southern tourist areas of Poipu, too. When the weather's rough up north (winter months), it's usually calm & very divable down south. In summer the reverse is often true.

To me, Kauai diving is about tunnels & turtles; the coral is underwhelming compared to the Caribbean or Great Barrier Reef (it's only hard coral throughout the Hawaiian Islands, & much has been damaged, both by hurricanes & more recently by cyanobacteria). Still, the tunnels, arches, swim-throughs & ledges make for very fun dives, with turtles, reef fish & more recently, leafy scorpionfish as icing on the cake. While dive boats are popular, Kauai offers a good number of shore dive options, too - great for those of you on a tighter budget.

We used SeaSport Divers, who incidently I used for my first dives after getting certified in 1998. They ran a good, knowledgeable no-frills operation & though it was the wrong time of the year for us, they offer a tour to the Forbidden Island of Niihau. While it can be a very rough and long ride there & back, it is worth the effort in terms of seeing massive arches, swim throughs & endangered Monk seals. Unfortunately, I had no underwater camera back then.

For our dives, with 20+ ft waves pounding the north shore, we stuck to the south shore areas in Poipu, with short boat rides fun dives & surface intervals watching dolphins & whales. You can check out the videos below for the 2 sites we visited on this trip: Harbor ledges & Sheraton Caverns.

Poipu Harbor Ledges

Sheraton Caverns - Poipu

Both dives were at around 60 feet.

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