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The most popular dive in Maui is the short (20 min) boat ride out to Molokini. It's also the most crowded, so my advice is 1) Leave from Kihei Boat Ramp & 2) Get the earliest departure you can (~6 AM) as you're competing not only with other dive boats (many of which come from the more distant Maalaea Harbor) but also with snorkelers. I used Mike Severns dive outfit - they met these 2 initial requirements & had an added bonus: they're all naturalists & told us what to look for interms of wildlife behavior. Watching reef fish dart into their hideouts when a Jack came by was something I'd never have put together on my own. They also pointed out some unique nudibrancs.

Depending on the boat & divers, you may have the option of diving the back wall. IMO, not really worth it - it's just a near vertical wall on one side and blue, very deep ocean on the other side. There's likely to be more stuff to see in the crater, & you can get down pretty deep if you're so inclined, to see Flaming Wrasse. There's usually a shark or two (white tip most likely), though they stay away from the snorkelers.

Molokini Island (7 MB)

If your dive operator leaves from the Kihei Boat Ramp, likely your second dive will be at one of the "Turtle Towns" on the west shore. You'll swim across & between "fingers" of lava! Keep an eye out for turtles (hard to miss), sharks & the usual reef fish, many of which are unique to the islands.

Turtle Town, Maui coast (9 MB)

For something different, try a night dive.These are typically shore dives at Ulua Beach, home to a number of Frogfish (I saw a red and a yellow one - my first time observing these oddballs). There are plenty of active eels & large crabs. You may see octopus & even the occasional shark cruising around. Night diving's always been hit or miss for me. Sometimes there's tons of stuff, other times virtually nothing. I used the Maui Dive Shop for this dive. It was only me, but they still gave me a one-on-one escort & didn't "work to the clock". In spite of using a 63 cuft tank, I was down there for just under 1 hour & was well taken care of by their friendly staff.

Ulua Beach night dive (6 MB)

All in all, a varied, highly enjoyable set of dives.

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