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While not as famous as Cozumel, Cancun offers some fun dives & if you're there between May & September, an opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks. Our dive operator took us out for 2 dives in the strait between Cancun & Isla Mujeres. The first was a wreck dive: C-58, an ex US minesweeper that had been used by the Mexican navy & was deliberately sunk in 1980. It was broken in two by Hurricane Wilma & the section we visited had shoals of fish inside & out, sitting on a sandy seabed. Strong currents at the surface meant descending rapidly (some outfits consider it an advanced dive). Once down there, the current eased off; access was easy with plenty of fish inside. On exiting, an eagle ray swam past & a few large barracuda hung around outside the wreck. Hanging on to the safety line, our bubbles were moving upwards at a 45 degree angle: a good indication of the surface current! Check out the video, shot by one of our dive organizer's videographers, Yuko.

C-58 Wreck Dive Video (3 MB)

Our second dive was at one of the reefs between Cancun & Isla Mujeres: Punta Negra Y Grampine. Though the visibility in Cancun was not as good as Cozumel (we had about 40-50 ft on both dives), there were more shoals of fish, including a couple of Stonefish, some small lobster, grunts & other reef fish. The reef looked healthy & with the current at the surface, our safety stop turned into a drift dive: still, conditions were very manageable. This video is stock footage provided by Videographer Edgar Gonzales.

Punta Negra Reef Dive Video (6 MB)

Even though it's not a dive trip, between mid May & mid September, there several tours to go snorkeling with Whale sharks off the northern island of Holbox, near Cancun. The tours aren't cheap (around $200) & depending on where you're staying, the journey can be long (a few hours of van + boat), relative to the short time you're in the water with the sharks. Still, for shark lovers, or for anyone who wants to hang out with the largest fish in the ocean, it's quite an experience. Though many people don't think of using "extreme" and "snorkeling" in the same sentence, this not for beginners. You're in deep ocean (no visible bottom), you're swimming hard to keep up with the creatures & you're around large, though non-aggressive, animals. Still, it's very exhilerating, but I suggest you check out the tour operators thoroughly. This video gives you an idea of what happens on the tours.

Holbox Whale Shark Snorkel Video (13 MB)

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