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Regardless of whether you're staying in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Cozumel, there are plenty of dive shops that will get you out to the Island. We'd been warned about large, batch dive operations that dump 20+ divers in the water at the same time & place. Unless you're staying in Cozumel, there are 2 ways to get out there. First is what most people do: the dive outfit gets you on the ferry from Playa Del Carmen & then you join a boat once on the island. It works, but it's a bit time consuming, though you get to spend time on the island. The second, less known but more efficient way is to find an operator with a boat that goes out from Playa Del Carmen. The dive shop we used for our dives, Abyss, works with Tank-Ha, a shop that has a large enough boat for the crossing.

A few years ago, my underwater camera flooded during my first Cozumel dive. This year, I made sure I cleaned tested the O ring & had a backup camera/ case.

Cozumel is known for great visibility (often better than 100 ft), drift dives, walls & large fish: I've seen large groupers, potato cod & the biggest lobster I've ever seen: its tail must have been 1 ft wide!

The Wall dive was a strong current drift dive between 80 - 110 ft. The topography was excellent & we did a swim through at the Santa Rosa dive site. I didn't see the rare Splendid Toad Fish, I saw last time I was there, but barrcuda, reef fish & a ray were all down there waiting for us.

Santa Rosa Wall Dive (11 MB)

The second dive, at a coral garden had lots of coral canyons to weave through. Not as many schools of fish as in Playa Del Carmen, surprisingly: but it was good to see some big guys out there, giant groupers & the reef was in good shape.

Santa Rosa Reef Dive (13 MB)

Surprisingly, I was just as impressed with Playa Del Carmen's shallow dives as with those at the far more famous (& crowded) Cozumel.

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