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While topographically not as exciting as other places, there’s plenty to see when you go to Tahiti.  Uppermost has to be the shark feeding trips - imagine being surrounded by up to 50 black tip reef sharks while a dive master feeds the sharks wearing only chain-mail gloves for protection!  Sorry, no videos of that - yet! 

This video shows a typical outer reef dive: plenty of coral as it slopes gradually off into the depths, turtles too.  You’ll likely see sharks cruising around too, from 5 ft (1.5 m) black tip up to 10 - 11 ft (3.5 m) Lemon sharks.

Tahiti, Bora Bora Reef Dive Video (8 MB)

Tahiti, Raiatea Outer Reef Dive Video (1.5 MB)

There is a great wreck of The Nordby lying very conveniently right next to shore on the island of Raiatea  - the depth changes rapidly so a mere 30 ft off shore and you’re in 100 ft/ 30 m water depth.  The wreck is a 3 mast sail ship lying on its side. Going inside the wreck is cool - it’s in one piece with only the superstructure as obstacles and there are plenty of lionfish and eels to keep you company.

Tahiti, Raiatea Nordby Wreck Dive Video (3 MB)

Possibly the next coolest thing we did wasn’t a dive at all: it was a drift snorkel trip on the island of Tahaa (between Raiatea and Bora Bora).  Waves surge over the reef forcing a current of water through a gap between two small islands that’s filled with coral.  Flying between the shallow coral heads at the mercy of a strong current makes you feel like Luke Skywalker!  I had to include the video here, even though it’s not technically “diving”.

Tahiti, Tahaa Drift Snorkel Video (4 MB)

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