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Honduras is a more recent destination for divers, but it doesn’t disappoint.  In some ways, I preferred Roatan to Belize: great diving was a 5 min. boat ride off shore; various dive outfits hosted specialty dives: shark feeding, diving with dolphins, and the topography was superb.  The first, a typical reef dive had just about everything - coral formations, swim-throughs, and lots of sea life, even at night, there was tons of stuff to see.

Roatan Island Honduras Reef Dive Video (6.3 MB)

What impressed me the most about Honduras diving was the diversity.  Also, at least when I wrote this, it was pretty cheap, about $25 US per dive for a boat dive!  This next video shows one of the Canyons, called Mary’s - amazing topography!

Roatan Island Honduras Canyon Dive Video (6.3 MB)

This was a great shark dive & feed!  We actually swam next to the grey reef sharks as we headed towards the feeding spot!  Fortunately, none of the 8+ ft/ 2-3 m beasts felt like an appetizer on the way!  After we’d settled on the sand with our hands tucked in, the dive-master who must have lost the bet earlier took the lid off of a tub of dead fish and swam hastily out of the way as the sharks converged on the bucket and show us their 400+ million years old survival of the fittest skills.  Very impressive, but as I hung on to the boat line to do my safety stop, I was hoping that they’d all got enough to eat...

Roatan Island Honduras Shark Dive Video (6 MB)

Somewhat tamer than the shark dive (and at $110, more expensive), you get to hang out and play with the dolphins above water before heading down to watch them in their native environment.  Even though Anthony’s Resort has dolphin pens, these guys are free to come and go.  It was definitely a kick watching these intelligent, playful mammals underwater - check out the video, which includes a dolphin chasing a flat-fish around a coral outcrop.

Roatan Island Honduras Dolphin Dive Video (4.5 MB)

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